The following comes from an April 12 email from one of our readers:

Dear Friends,

The opening of the Planned Parenthood prenatal murder facility in El Centro, California has been postponed due to a city inspection revealing that the facility has so many beds and chairs that the fire suppression features in the facility are inadequate and must be upgraded.

Planned Parenthood bullies, as might be expected, are threatening to take legal action against the City of El Centro.

The following comes from an April 14 article by Abby Johnson:

(LifeSiteNews) – Sometimes you hear things and they seem so unbelievable that you don’t believe it. When I heard that the City of Austin, Texas was renting a building to Planned Parenthood for $1.00 a YEAR, and had been doing so since 1972, I didn’t believe it…or rather, I didn’t want to believe it. Yes, I know that Austin is our liberal dot in the middle of conservative Texas. But $1.00 a year for over 40 years?

And not only do they lease city property to Planned Parenthood for $1.00 a year, they have given them a 10 year lease…with a 10 year extension.

I called our Austin Animal Center and was told by one of their employees that they “never have enough money to care for the animals in the shelter.” When I asked if they were funded by the city, her answer was, “Barely.”