As the legislative summer recess draws near, the California Catholic Conference is keeping close watch on many bills, several of which are being taken up for hearings or votes in coming days.  

The CCC continues to strongly appose AB 569 by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzales Fletcher (D-San Diego). AB 569 sets a dangerous precedent for religious employers, amending the Labor Code to restrict the ability to enforce codes of conduct in the workplace. The bill unmistakably targets religious organization employers in the state, and goes further, inviting expensive litigation that could take years to sort out.  Send an email opposing this bill here.

AB 1520 (Burke), The Lifting Children and Families Out of Poverty Act, has been revised to develop a task force for the purposes of researching, analyzing, and providing guidance to the Legislature in supporting California’s efforts on lifetime wellness, self-sufficiency, and economic strength in families and communities throughout the state. The CCC is strongly supporting this bill, as its goal is to lift one million kids out of poverty over the next two decades. It passed the Senate Human Services Committee on Tuesday with unanimous, bi-partisan support.

The CCC is working to include the principles of AB 586, the tax credits for continuing education teacher credits, under the umbrella of AB 410, which would prevent the state from charging a fee to a beginning teacher to participate in a Teacher Induction Program. The CCC is supporting this bill and hopeful the Legislature will use this as to encourage the development of quality, long-term teachers in California.

The CCC is also strongly support AB 1227 (Bonta, D-Alameda), the Human Trafficking Prevention Education and Training Act that would require schools to provide training on human trafficking.

Human trafficking is the world’s largest fastest growing criminal enterprise and is an estimated $150 billion-a-year global problem. California has particularly high human trafficking rates compared to the rest of the nation, and is often in plain sight but unbeknownst to most. AB 1227, provides students, teachers and administrators with awareness training and education can help identify those at risk of being trafficked. 

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