Leave Our Kids Alone stands united with diverse parents across California to represent concerns about oversexualized school curriculum, orchestrated weaponization against parents and school districts by the CA state government. Recent events in various school districts have highlighted the need for balanced conversations with school districts and evaluating the content our children are exposed to. On Tuesday August 22nd we will declare the following:
1. That LAUSD and the State of CA uphold the state constitution, which protects the rights of privacy of all people. This cannot mean that a child’s privacy supersedes the rights of the parents. The child is a minor/dependent, and the government is obligated to inform the parent or guardian of all private information regarding the child’s sexual identity, mental health issues, or changes to any and all records.
2. That LAUSD and the State adopt a policy similar to Chino Valley and Murrieta school districts regarding parental notification. We demand that parents and guardians be notified in writing within 3 days of their child changing name, pronouns, gender, and use of the opposite sex’s facilities. We also demand all other parents are notified if the child is using the opposite sex’s facilities. (A.B 1314- Essayli 23-24) Additionally, we demand that permanent records are changed, in order to trigger mandatory parental notification, per federal FERPA laws.
3. That the state defer to local authority to adopt any curriculum that meets state standards, such as the FAIR Act. The state cannot require any district to adopt a specific textbook or material, and we oppose any state overreach into the local jurisdiction’s authority to purchase and implement curriculum. We do not support criminalization against school board members or parents from the CA State Government, CA Attorney General and CA State Superintendent of Education when they decide to force medically inaccurate and age inappropriate content to children.
We will continue to advocate for children and parents until we are heard and action is taken. People of all political backgrounds, religions and cultures stand together against the Government’s power grab for parental rights. Leave Our Kids Alone will also be encouraging parents across California to keep their children home on Friday August 25th in an effort to show how powerful our voices are and to highlight ongoing concerns.
The press conference will be held on Tuesday, August 22nd, 12pm at LAUSD 333 South Beaudry Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017. The protest will start at 10 am at Los Angeles City Hall located at 200 North Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, and the group will march to LAUSD to hold the press conference at 12 pm. Spanish and Armenian speakers will be available for interviews.

From Leave Our Kids Alone release

Leave Our Kids Alone urges parents to keep their school-age children home on Friday, August 25.