The stark insincerity by legislative Democrats over Pride month was exacerbated in the California Legislature Monday. Earlier in June the California Senate held a LGBTQ recognition ceremony with Sister Roma from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence group, recently embroiled in controversy with the Los Angeles Dodgers, as well as their decades long mockery of Catholicism….

As Pride month nears an end, Republican Lawmakers announced they were honoring Ambassador Grenell, the first openly gay Presidential Cabinet Member, for his accomplishments and stellar career in service to the country.

Cheers rang for the recipients in the Senate, and photo ops were taken… until five Senators walked out during Republican Senator Brian Jones’ introduction of Grenell.

However, the walkout didn’t just happen – it followed a nasty Tweet earlier Monday from Democrat Sen. Scott Wiener from San Francisco:

Sen. Scott Wiener: “…Grenell is a self-hating gay man. He’s a scam artist pink-washer for Trump & spreads anti-LGBTQ, anti-vax, election-denier conspiracy theories.”

Grenell hit back twice as hard, but with much more dignity:

Richard Grenell
“It is an honor to be your enemy.
You are a radical voice against common sense, decency, and parental rights.

“You are an apologist for pedophilia & child abuse – and you undermine American values.”

From the California Globe