Dear friends,

The Latino Caucus of our California state legislature will be having an important reception this Tuesday, February 17th, from 5-7 pm, at 1116 15th Street, downtown Sacramento, at Cafeteria 15L. You can see details here.

This event is being sponsored by the Latino Community Foundation. Tuesday evening is also our Opening Mass for the 40 Days for Life here in Sacramento, so many of us will be attending that Mass. However, if the pro-life protest started at 4:30 pm as legislators were arriving at the reception, those who are interested could still make it to the Mass at St. Philomene’s with Bishop Soto at 6:00 pm. Therefore, please let me know if you are interested in having a Latinos Support LIFE messaging presence at this gathering of abortion supporting Latino legislators. It is important that they hear from Latino families about the importance of opposing abortion and physician assisted suicide.

We need Latino families – grandmothers,fathers, mothers, children, youth groups, college students to all come and let our legislators know that Latinos stand for LIFE!


If you live outside of Sacramento, but would still like to have your voice heard, please contact the Latino Community Foundation tomorrow and tell them that they should be reflective of their Latino families and support LIFE, especially encouraging the Latino Caucus members to oppose both abortion and physician assisted suicide! One Embarcadero Center, Suite 1400, San Francisco, CA 94111-3703 Tel: 415.733.8591 | Fax: 415.477.2783 | Email:


Here is important information provided by the California Pro-Life Council which shows where each of our legislators stand on abortion and physician assisted suicide. You can see that the Latino Caucus thus far has strongly supported abortion, opposes Parental Notification, and will be asked soon to support physician assisted suicide. Very seriously, the Latino Caucus is currently reflective of the Culture of Death. The only way that will change is if you, your families, our churches, and Latino voters throughout our state awaken the VOICE FOR LIFE and communicate with our legislators.


This comes from a Feb. 15 email sent by Wynette Sills of Californians for Life.