The smell of incense and drywall mingled while more than two hundred people attended the dedication of St. Vitus Catholic Church in San Fernando. This church is the first in Los Angeles to be operated by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), an order of priests dedicated to traditional liturgy, specifically the Latin Mass.

As the FSSP is dedicated to the Latin Mass, so too will their church be: Archbishop José H. Gomez dedicated the church according to the Latin liturgy, saying the dedicatory prayers in Latin and sprinkling the outside and inside of the church while the choir chanted the Litany of the Saints.

Following the dedication, North American Superior Father Gerard Saguto, FSSP, celebrated the first church’s Mass, and Archbishop Gomez preached the first sermon, focusing on the God’s call for the parish to “redeem that little part of the world we live in.” 

“What’s going to happen now that we have our own church is that the Mass will still be the center of what we do, the Mass in the Extraordinary Form, however it will bring to life everything else, so we’ll have a full parish life,” Fr. Fryar explained. 

When asked what advice they would give to Catholics interested in attending the Latin Mass for the first time, both Fr. Saguto and Fr. Fryar expressed the need to attend more than once.

“I think you have to, first of all, give it a fair chance,” said Fr. Saguto, “You can’t just go once, you have to go 10 times, you have to go 20 times, because it’s a different way. It’s a different approach of worship.” 

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