For the fifth year in a row, volunteers are offering four levels of Latin at the downtown San Diego parish of Our Lady of the Rosary – at no charge.

Classes include children from second grade through high school and “even a few adults, who asked to be included,” according to one of the volunteer teachers.

The two first levels use The Phenomenon of Language, second edition; the upper two levels use Jenney’s First Year Latin, 1990 edition. “Phenomenon of Language, in spite of its unfriendly title, is the best way to introduce Latin to young students. There is clever sense of humor and easy to understand repetition of key grammatical points,” said one of the teachers at Our Lady of the Rosary.

Students come from a wide variety of Catholic families from San Diego and suburbs. A number of evangelicals have joined in. “Evangelicals seem to be catching on to the importance of the classics. One of our Evangelical students has gone on to study Greek,” added a parent who has observed the program.

Classes are held every Wednesday  at 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon in back of the church, in the classrooms attached to the Italian Community Center at State and Date streets.

(Adults with even some Latin background welcome to join the volunteer teaching staff.)

This year’s classes begin on Wednesday, September 5.

For more information, email or call (619) 235-3000, ext. 222).