The latest in the video series released by the Center of Medical Progress, released August 4 (Warning: graphic):

The following is from an August 3 press release:

August 3, 2015.  BREAKING:  Today, Governor Bobby Jindal announced the termination of the State of Louisiana’s Medicaid contract with Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.

As explained in the Governor’s press release, the termination was based on the “at will” provision of the Medicaid Provider Agreement.  This exercise of the “at will” contract provision seems to be a unique approach from other States who added abortion-free requirements as a condition for qualifying as a state-approved Medicaid provider.  As explained in the Jindal press release:

“According to the Medicaid provider contract between DHH and Planned Parenthood, along with relevant Louisiana law, either party can choose to cancel the contract at will after providing written notice.”

The termination based on the “at will” provision follows on the heels of the horrifying videos revealing Planned Parenthood’s policy that allows its abortion providers to harvest the body parts of aborted unborn children.  The press release referenced the videos and concluded that the State of Louisiana:

“decided to give the required 30-day notice to terminate the Planned Parenthood Medicaid provider contract because Planned Parenthood does not represent the values of the State of Louisiana in regards to respecting human life.”

The Jindal-ordered investigation into Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast is on-going, and the press release noted that the State reserves the right to amend the grounds of the cancellation notice by terminating the Medicaid provider agreement under the “for cause” provisions as well.

Currently, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast operates two non-abortion providing family-planning clinics in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, and they are building a large regional center on Claiborne Avenue in New Orleans for the express purpose of selling elective abortion.

Governor Jindal concluded his press statement by noting that Planned Parenthood’s narrow provision of family-planning services are easily replaceable with the multitude of public, private and non-profit health centers that provide women’s health services along with comprehensive healthcare for women, men and children:

Read the full Jindal press release.