California Governor Gavin Newsom has selected the most radical abortion activist he could possibly find to replace pro-abortion Senator Diane Feinstein, who passed away last week.

Newsom will reportedly make good on his pledge to only appoint a black woman to the Senate with his pick of Laphonza Butler, the president of Emily’s List, to fill the late senator’s seat for the remaining 15 months and a bit in her term.

Butler heads the extreme group Emily’s List, a pro-abortion organization that advances abortions up to birth funded at taxpayer expense. It works to elect candidates that also support unlimited abortions and fund their campaigns with tens of millions of dollars from elites across the country.

Butler is already under fire for being a Maryland resident just 30 days ago.

“FEC filings from EMILY’s List record Laphonza Butler’s residence as Silver Springs, Maryland as recently as 31 days ago,” said FEC analyst Rob Pyers. “FPPC and FEC filings indicate that soon-to-be California Senator Laphonza Butler hasn’t been a resident of the state for over two years….”

EMILY’s List appeared to scrub its website of a reference to Butler’s Maryland residence in the hours after her appointment was announced. The group spent $112 million in the 2020 presidential election cycle and $102 million in the 2022 midterms. According to OpenSecrets, in the last federal election cycle, EMILY’s List made 100% of their total contributions in support of Democrats….

From LifeNews