California Catholic Daily reporter, Mary Rose, visits a California college each week and asks students about God, good, and evil. Interview with Jesus, who is studying music, outside the LA Valley College Student Services Center in Valley Glen on April 17, 2019.

Do you consider yourself religious? 

Jesus: Yeah. I don’t really know how to explain it that much. I grew up with my parents and my family’s always been religious. I believe in God.

Do you think God wants us to live a certain way?

Jesus: Maybe, maybe not. It depends.

Do you think everyone goes to heaven?

Jesus: Not really, no. I don’t think so. Not all.

How do you think God judges between who goes to heaven and who goes to hell? 

Jesus: It depends on the acts we do.

Has God given us directions on how to act?

Jesus: Sort of. It’s all on us. If we do something bad, we learn from experiences. If we do something bad we’ll probably regret it later on. And after that we just continue doing what we have to do. It just repeats until you figure out what you did bad and what could be the consequences.

How do you decide what’s good and what’s bad? Self-proclaimed Christians disagree on what’s good and what’s bad, even on things like abortion. How do you decide?

Jesus: It depends. I think it is bad, but it also depends on the woman’s point of view and what happened and how the case was and how they think they’re living and how they might live after that. It just depends. For me, it might feel bad, yeah. It’s bad. But it just depends on what happened and how it happened.

You’re wearing a rosary. Do you pray the rosary?

Jesus: Not like a habit, I just carry it and probably pray it like one or two times a year. I’m Catholic.

Jesus explains who…. Jesus is. (video: Mary Rose/California Catholic Daily)

Do you know anything about Pope Francis?

Jesus: A little, yeah. The new pope, right? I think right now he’s – not to be mean – I’ve seen videos – he’s reserved in a way. Like how he’s charging more money than what he was to go to places to visit. He’s also not helping to be with people, you know. Like people want to hold his hand and he’s not allowing that, he’s retrieving his hand. He’s still new and he still needs to see how to speak out with people, be with the people, live more with the people instead of being more of a ruler to the people.

If an atheist said he sees no evidence for the existence of God and asked you why you believe in God, what would you say? 

Jesus: I don’t know. That’s probably an unanswerable question that will never be answered no matter how many people you ask. It’s kind of like in the Bible when it doesn’t talk about certain animals but the atheist believes in them. The Bible might talk about certain animals like the donkey in the wilderness or something like that, but it never talks about like a whale, but do you believe there are whales? It’s almost like that. Just because there’s no evidence for the existence of God doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist. People don’t really see it that way, but they have their own different beliefs. Everybody’s point of view is always a little bit different.

If someone asked you, “Who’s Jesus?” what would you say?

Jesus: He was a Person or was a Spirit that came to Earth probably 2000 years ago that started a religion – or influenced a religion that He started but people misunderstood and helped to save and become the religion which is now Catholic. It’s just a different religion where Someone saved and helped the people on Earth believe, and believe in the way that they weren’t believing before. It’s like in a new way in the Catholic religion. Just the Savior.

California Catholic Daily exclusive by Mary Rose.

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