….Among the archbishop’s supporters is Frida Plata, a high school senior in Cypress and a devout Catholic.

“I’m pretty proud of him,” she said. “I’m really in awe.”

Plata remembers feeling bowled over by the power of God’s love several years ago while attending classes in preparation for her Holy Communion. These days her faith often shapes her conversations — she sometimes chats up her public school teachers about her favorite saints or debates with friends about abortion.

Plata said she was especially pleased with Gómez’s Inauguration Day statement referring to “moral evils,” adding that she would be happy if he spoke publicly about abortion even more often.

She is deeply inspired by Father Frank Pavone, an outspoken opponent of abortion rights, who lent fierce, controversial support to former President Trump, whom Plata said she intends to vote for if he ever runs again.

“He is really strong in defending the unborn,” she said, adding that many members of her Mexican American family are big fans of Trump, in large part because of his stance on abortion….

The above comes from an Aug. 9 story headlined “Decrying ‘evil’ of abortion, L.A. archbishop became public face of plan that could deny Biden Communion” in the L.A. Times.