RHS clinic signThe following came in a March 15 email from Camille Giglio of California Life Advocates

In 2008, the Los Angeles Unified School District began quiet negotiations with Planned Parenthood to establish one of their many East L. A. abortion clinics on the Roosevelt High School Campus.
This was to be a pilot project, a test to see what response this clinic aroused.
There are a possible twelve (12) future sites for clinics in selected areas of Los Angeles Unified school District.  All with the apparent blessing of the Mayor’s office as well as the school district personnel. It may be recalled that now termed-out Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa made a bid to take over administration of this sprawling school district.
RHS frontOne of the candidates in the March 5th L.A. Mayor’s race, Wendy Greuel, has admitted her suppport for Planned Parenthood on campus. She was responding to a question from the audience during a candidate appearance just before the election day.
The Roosevelt High full service Reproductive Health Center opened in early fall 2010, establishing itself  in quarters adjacent to the central Quad area of the campus.
The Los Angeles United School District, in 2012, put out a contract bid estimated to cost $350,000.00 to “make alterations to 1-Health clinic” on the campus of Roosevelt High School in East Los Angeles.

In June of last year we began filing freedom of information forms with the school district to obtain information regarding agreements, contracts, costs of remodeling quarters to house a clinic on campus.  We were stalled for over 5 months with claims that the LAUSD did not have any such figures or contracts.

We did, finally, in about October, receive what appeared to be an outdated contract.
In that agreement signed by Planned Parenthood and LAUSD officials it was stated that Roosevelt High School, with  97% Latino, low-income, English as second language residents, would be required to provide clinic space, office equipment, storage, utilities and security for the clinic’s data gathering activities and exam rooms and personnel.

Planned Parenthood would bring the medical equipment and pharmacy supplies, paid for by U.S. taxpayers.  The Obama Administration has offered approximately $500 million to schools for health and safety improvements.

This is the same district which in 2008, successfully passed bond measure Q, according to an LAUSD online site, it’s 4th in 10 years, to bring $7 Billion more dollars into the district because it couldn’t afford to pay for repairs to aging buildings, construction of new buildings and upgrading of classrooms much less educational materials for its students.
This bond measure Q was sold to the voting public as necessary to “improve student health, safety and educational quality” while repairing deteriorating or aging classrooms, restrooms and other construction and modernization programs.
This was necessary, the measure’s supporters said, because there was to be an expected upturn in enrollment to begin in 2015.  Those opposed to Bond Measure Q claimed that there would be a downturn in enrollment expected.
Since California law, The Minors Reproductive Rights Act, protects abortion providers from the requirement to notify parents of a minor child’s reproductive activities, and the school district is refusing to inform taxpayers of the clinic’s activities, it can only be presumed that Planned Parenthood is doing, on campus, what it does in its other facilities, i.e. distribute morning after pills and/or Plan B, make referrals for surgical abortions or perform them on-site, give pelvic exams to minors and  provide medications to treat venereal disease cases.
There is already a so-called Wellness Center on campus which already hands out condoms every Friday afternoon, according to the L.A. Times article of June, 2012, announcing the addition of Planned Parenthood to the campus.
Why is the school district partnering with an abortion clinic in population suppression activities?  Who gave nurses and teachers the authority to determine that any community had too many babies? More importantly who gave them authority to determine that the way to keep the population of Latino babies down was to abort their lives?
Beginning in 2000 we were told by federal officials and educators that education was everything to a student. It was their means of improving their lives, their job possibilities, their mental health. We have all suffered through No Child Left Behind, Race To The Top, ObamaCare and Healthy Families programs.  But it all comes down to aborting the future generations because some bureaucrats have decided that these children’s lives threaten the sustainability within the community.
And, last, but not least, where is the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles in all of this? Boyle Heights is, close to 100%, a Latino and Catholic neighborhood.  There are 12 Catholic churches in the general area.
Beginning last February 25 and running for a full week, a handful of neighborhood citizens began an effort to awaken both neighborhood and church members of the true intent of Planned Parenthood’s presence on campus.
Literature in both Spanish and English was handed out to students leaving the campus, and to area homes as well as church attendees, informing them of Planned Parenthood’s agenda and of the unhealthy results of the promiscuous lifestyle promoted by Planned Parenthood. Their intent to change the social and moral climate of the community to accept the brutal destruction of their own children.
A website has been created entitled  HYPERLINK “https://www.breaktheconnection.com” www.breaktheconnection.com  and a coalition formed which calls itself The Coalition to Protect Students Health and Safety at Roosevelt High School.
The goal is to remove Planned Parenthood from the campus of Roosevelt High and to put a stop to any further clinic development on school campuses. If you can be of assistance to these brave people please get in touch with their website for information and directions.