….This week, a friend of mine sent out an email account of her shocking experience at her local public elementary school’s morning assembly. She is an educated woman, a scholar, and an artist, and her older children are linguists and classical musicians. Somehow, in the heart of Los Angeles, she has raised a Catholic family of devout and artistic children.

Her youngest is 9 and was born with Down syndrome. He is enrolled in a classroom for children like him with developmental disabilities. But his intellectual limitations end at the door to his special classroom; in the school at large, he is subject to the same gender indoctrination the other 5- to 13-year-olds are forced to undergo. Not even a child with Down syndrome is free from learning about the wonders of becoming transgender. After all, this is vital knowledge for everyone 5 and up, no matter their disabilities!

Here is her account. Some names have been changed to protect her from the mob:

Once a month, there is a school-wide assembly to which parents are invited and then a coffee with the principal. I made a point of attending both this morning. I was eager to be part of the Friday morning with my son.

Assembly began with a Pledge of Allegiance and a greeting by the student council. Then, five students and a staff member came to the microphone bearing various incarnations of the “pride” flag and reminded everyone that June was pride month.

Taking turns, the speakers explained exactly what each of the letters of LGBTQ stood for, described the history of the flag, demonstrated various types of flags, and stated that the celebration was all about being kind to others and accepting where everyone came from. All the children there are between 5 and 13. There was applause after every speaker. At the end, the staff member, who I assumed was a school psychologist, said that she was there to listen to anyone who needed someone to listen to their story. In other words, come out to her behind your parent’s back.

Standing next to my son, I wondered how I could reasonably respond to the terrible outrage I had just witnessed. I know the LGBTQ agenda had infested the public primary school, but until now had not seen my son exposed to it. In Leo’s classroom for Moderate Intellectual Ability, the curriculum is completely different from common core. I see his work that comes home; some of it approaches activist preparation but without a clear agenda. Most is about identifying numbers, letters, colors, and so forth.

After the assembly, I went to the room where the coffee with the principal would take place. There were various points he addressed, then he asked if there were any questions, comments, or concerns. After a pause, I raised my hand.

I found myself saying more or less the following:

“Yes, I do have a concern. I have a son here at the school with a moderate intellectual disability. One of the things that I have to work on with my son is self-control. I think most parents work on self-control with their children at one point or another and worry about how their children will control their impulses. For example, when they are angry, we want them to use self-control, and in the classroom, we want them to raise their hand before speaking. When they start to enter adolescence, our children have to learn to control something new: their sexual impulses.”

The principal was nodding his head as I spoke. When I mentioned “sexual impulses,” he nodded even more and said “Mmmm.”

I continued.

“So I was really alarmed at the assembly this morning. At the assembly, there was a group of people whose message was about not controlling sexual impulses. It is one thing to spread the message about kindness. Everyone needs to be kind. But it is another thing to tacitly spread the message that it is OK to experiment with sexual impulses, that students could experiment with their sexual impulses which could lead to damage to their bodies, their minds, their psychology. Especially for my son, who will have great difficulty mastering control over his impulses and has a very low understanding, I think it is unfair to expose him to this. I request that in the future, I be notified in advance so that I can remove my son so that he is not exposed to this message.”

There were some hisses among the parents….

From The Federalist.com