The following comes from a June 1 story in the Christian Post.

A first of its kind sex education program is being taught in the Los Angeles Unified School District, in which students as young as 12 are encouraged to share their HIV and STD status with their sexual partners by way of a text message that reveals they were tested for HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. The text message also includes a disclaimer which reads: “This person MAY have had sex since being tested. Always be safe, use condoms.”

In their heath classes, students in the seventh through 12th grades will watch a three-minute YouTube video created by the company Qpid, pronounced cupid, which tells students to go to the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic, or HIV testing center to be tested, and to then register at the website to share their results online or by phone. The test, however, doesn’t confirm a diagnosis of HPV or herpes.

The Qpid YouTube video states that students must be 13 to use their free program. However, their website also notes that “children as young as 12 can get tested for STDs without the need for parental consent in the state of California.”

….The list of advisers for the Qpid program include: Dr. Roni Zeigler, the former chief health strategist for Google; Dr. Jeffrey Klauser, former director of STD prevention at the San Francisco Department of Public Health; Vincent Vigil, director of the LGBT resource center at the University of Southern California; Kicesie Drew, a blogger who has an adult sex channel on YouTube; and Tim Kordic, the program manager for the HIV/AIDS prevention unit at the LAUSD….

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