Prestigious Loyola High School in L.A. received millions from pro-abortion businessman and current mayoral candidate, Rick Caruso, and named a building after him.

This is the account from a friend and alumnus of the school:

“The Xavier Center was a multi-use building in service while I attended Loyola Jesuit College Preparatory. The building hosted a variety of events, including student Masses. The center was named after St. Francis Xavier back in the 60s. It is no more. The saint has been bumped. The building that bore his name has been razed and replaced with the much more impressive Caruso Hall, which cost 30 million and debuted in March of ’21. You can’t miss Caruso Hall when you drive by or enter at the school’s main entrance.

Photo of building.

The hall is named after Rick Caruso, Los Angeles mega-developer and property owner, billionaire, and chairman of the Loyola school board. (He might have resigned his board chairmanship very recently to concentrate on politics.) Rick Caruso is a major contender in L.A.’s current mayoral race. He is dominating the airwaves with his commercials. In his most recent ad, which I’ve seen a few times today, Caruso says he wants voters to be abundantly clear that he unequivocally supports a woman’s right to choose (to kill their pre-born child.)”

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world if he loses his soul?

The above comes from a May 22 Facebook posting by Astrid Bennet Gutierrez