Hundreds of pro-lifers joined a prayerful protest against a Planned Parenthood facility in California scheduled to open within weeks that will offer “abortion services.” 

Led by Bishop David G. O’Connell, one of the auxiliary bishops in Los Angeles, more than 600 faithful walked in a candlelight procession on Monday evening from St. John the Baptist Catholic Church to the new facility located in Baldwin Park, less than half a mile away.

At the abortion mill, the bishop, priests and faithful consecrated the lands and the building, as well as the people, to Mary, the Mother of God. A large statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, venerated by Catholics as the patroness of the unborn, and a Divine Mercy image were carried by the Knights of Columbus.

After the consecration, the bishop went around the building to sprinkle blessed salt as well as holy water on the property.

In a short homily, Bishop O’Connell remarked that “the sin of abortion is having a terrible effect on everybody,” including families. Pointing to Our Lady saying “yes” to receive “the new life beginning in her,” he called for a change of heart “in our country, in our Church, in our people – a change of heart to receive the gift of new life, of the unborn.”

Referring to the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, O’Connell told the faithful, “It’s beautiful that you bring her with us as we walk for life, stand for life.”

Father Michael Gutierrez, pastor of St. John the Baptist, encouraged the faithful to make the right decisions at the ballot box, saying, “We pray today, we vote tomorrow!” Speaking of politicians, he emphasized, “Make sure they are people for life! Pay attention to what goes on in your city!”

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True or False: is this the first time in history that a bishop of the Diocese of Los Angeles has made a visit to an abortion clinic?

The following answers were emailed to us:

False. Cardinal Mahony led a procession to PP in LA (on Marengo) in the late 80s or early 90s when I was at Assumption Church in Boyle Heights. I had invited him to do this. 

He  brought with him heavy LAPD protection, as I recall. 

Believe it or not. It is true. I was there. 

– A pro-life priest

False. This is not [Bishop O’Connell’s]  first time. He has gone several times with a group called Vox Vitae. He is very friendly to the pro-life cause.

-A pro-life veteran.