Martin J. Roitman, D.O., age 75, still has his license to practice in California until January 3, 2015.  He graduated in 1963 from Kirksville Osteopathic Medicine school in Missouri. According to the American Board of Medical Specialties, Roitman is not board certified in any specialty.  The American Osteopathic Association lists no specialty for Roitman. In fact, the American Osteopathic Association’s search fails to list Martin Roitman as an osteopath.

While in California he has worked for Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest (San Diego) and for Irving Feldkamp’s Family Planning Associates on Miramar Road in San Diego.

In 2010 Planned Parenthood reported in their 990 federal filing that Martin Roitman, D.O. was paid $105,525 for medical services.  He was working at a Planned Parenthood clinic which was being used to train non-physician surgical abortionists, and presumably, he may have been one of the “trainers.”

Roitman also worked for an abortion business, Birth Control Care Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to public records from the Nevada Osteopathic Board, Roitman had two medical malpractice cases filed against him and failed to report this to the osteopathic licensing board. Roitman agreed in a settlement with the medical board that he would pay a fine of  $1250 for “unprofessional conduct” including “willfully making a false statement…in applying for a license.”

Roitman listed his address as 22892 Via Cordova, Monarch Beach, California.  This exclusive ocean view property sold on August 8, 23, 2013 for $2,380,000.

After graduating from osteopathic school in 1963, Roitman practiced in Missour. Roitman was co-owner of an abortion clinic in Bridgton, Missouri called WOMENSCARE which he as an early proponent of abortion started in 1973 with Allen Palmer, D.O.

In 1983 the Missouri Osteopathic Board  placed him on: “Probationary restrictions imposed for a period of four years as a result of a felony conviction relating to income tax evasion.”

Roitman also claims a professional corporation in Florida at a home — 7784 Bonita Villa Bay, Lakeworth, Florida.  The house sold in June 2013 for $515,000.  The Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine shows that Roitman’s  license was disciplined and placed on probation with “major penalty.”

Despite being disciplined in Missouri, Florida, and Nevada, the California Osteopathic Board shows no record of Roitman being disciplined in California or elsewhere.

On March 7, 2012, a woman named Sophia Reyes filed a medical malpractice case against Roitman and Planned Parenthood Pacific (San Diego).  She alleged  that “ on December 9 and 10, 2010  [Rotiman’s and Planned Parenthood’s actions] constituted breaches of the standard of care in the medical community, causing ongoing injuries and damages to Plaintiff SOPHIA A.L. REYES .”  After about 183 days, the case was dismissed because the defendants , Roitman and Planned Parenthood , were unable to be served.  Ms. Reyes was representing herself and had no lawyer.