….Kathleen Domingo, executive director of the conference, explained to CNA that the group “is not in favor of AB 2223. We are currently neutral on the bill, following lobbying with the author about the language in the bill specific to the claims of ‘infanticide’.”

“Early in the legislative session, we decided not to simply oppose the bill but to aggressively seek to have the most egregious part of the bill language amended, which could only happen if we agreed to remove our opposition and go neutral once the language was amended. After two different rounds of amendments, our attorneys and consultants agreed that we were satisfied with the change to that specific language. And so we kept our promise.”

Domingo said that “using the term infanticide was appropriate before the amendment was made,” but “Now that the change is in place, the door has been closed on infanticide….”

The above comes from a July 18 story in the National Catholic Register.