The following comes from an April 10 CalWatchdog article by James Poulos:

No fellow Democrat has formally committed to challenging Attorney General Kamala Harris in her Senate quest. But Latino and Southland Democrats have made clear their readiness to support a candidate like Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Ca.

Sanchez has cemented a reputation as one of the California delegation’s better-credentialed members of Congress. Representing the 46th district since 1997, Sanchez rose to become the highest-ranking woman on the Armed Services Committee, and the second-highest-ranking Democrat on the Homeland Security Committee. A member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, her sister, Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., was made chairwoman.

Observers have determined that a formal announcement could come from Sanchez at any time. Her candidacy was set to take shape some time this month. “Multiple congressional sources said Sanchez is laying plans to enter the race after Easter,” Politico reported, “although it’s still possible that the Orange County Democrat won’t enter the hotly contested fight.”

One advantage Sanchez was seen to hold over Harris involved her place on the political spectrum. “Despite being seen as drawing more moderate votes away from Harris and being a member of the Blue Dog Coalition – a congressional caucus for Democrats who identify themselves as being conservative – Sanchez’s voting record has not deviated far from that of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi,” Breitbart observed. Regardless of Republican feelings on that kind of positioning, it promised to offer Sanchez an opportunity to run to the right of Harris while staying confident that her liberal bona fides could not be called into question.

From a January 19 Spero News article by Stephanie Block:

Sanchez is – and has been since she began her political career– an aggressive supporter of legalized abortion. Among many other things, she voted for the Federal Health Plan Contraceptive Coverage Amendment in 1998; against the Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 1999 (and again in 2004); against a bill to Prohibit Partial-Birth/Late Term Abortion in 2003; and against a 2011 bill Prohibiting Use of Federal Funds For Planned Parenthood.