John Paul the Great Catholic University (“JPCatholic”) has announced two new scholarship programs for California residents who start at the university this fall. The scholarship programs were created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic which has stalled or disrupted the plans of many college-bound students. Fall classes begin on September 30, and the university is planning to hold classes on-campus while taking appropriate health and safety precautions.

The COVID Zero Tuition Scholarship for California Cal Grant-A eligible students covers their tuition gap completely. When combined with state and federal aid, eligible new freshmen and transfer students will be able to attend JPCatholic with zero out-of-pocket tuition costs and without using any loans.

“The COVID-19 lockdown in California has had a disparate impact on the families of Cal Grant eligible students–they have burdened the brunt of the economic pain. This is a very targeted scholarship program to help students for whom a private Catholic education is financially out of reach,” said Dr. Derry Connolly, JPCatholic’s founding president.

The Stay Local Scholarship for San Diego county students who are not Cal Grant-A eligible, will provide eligible new freshmen and transfer students with aid packages that make JPCatholic’s education financially comparable to local public CSU and UC institutions. The Stay Local Scholarship is designed to make JPCatholic’s on-campus private education affordable for students who have abandoned their out-of-state enrollment plans or are looking for an on-campus experience this fall now that many local institutions are fully online….

The university describes itself as “The Catholic University for Creative Arts and Business Innovation”, focusing on combining hands-on programs such as film, animation, graphic design, acting, and business entrepreneurship with a Catholic liberal arts education in theology, philosophy, and humanities….

The above comes from a June 4 release from the school.