JPCatholic alumni Paul Massell (‘13) and Jacob Spence (‘14) have raised seed funding for their new entrepreneurial venture, an online Catholic job board called Catholic Gigs.

The founders describe Catholic Gigs as filling a unique need for Catholic schools, organizations, and non-profits who are seeking to hire graduates from Catholic universities. Many organizations have already signed up for the service, including Catholic Answers, Catholic University of America, the Archdiocese of Miami, and various Catholic elementary and high schools.

“Our long-term vision is for every Catholic diocese, nonprofit, and Catholic-owned business to post their job openings on Catholic Gigs,” said Paul. “But our first goal is to connect Catholic schools with recent graduates from Catholic universities.”

The investment comes from Michael Ortner, a Catholic entrepreneur who built and sold Capterra. Capterra serves as an intermediary between software vendors and buyers, and was sold by Ortner and his partner in 2015 for $206.2 million.

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