Interview on March 16, 2023 with Joshua, who is studying Fire Technology, outside the Foreign Language building at Los Angeles Valley College in Valley Glen.

Do you consider yourself religious?

Joshua: Yes. Not to the extreme, but yeah, I believe in God. Believing in God has been good for me. There are people who survived because I thanked Him and kept praying and hoping. My sister is very Christian and goes to church every Friday. If I don’t go on Fridays, I try to go Wednesdays. It’s a men’s group. I’m Catholic. I used to go to Catholic church, but not anymore because it’s kind of far. So I ended up going with my sister. It’s the same thing, basically. Catholic, Christian, kind of the same thing, but they teach differently. But it’s good. I like it.

If someone asked you who Jesus is, what would you say?

Joshua: Our Father. When I say that, they’re going to think, “Who’s our father? You don’t know it’s true.” But I do know it’s true. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve actually heard Him. I’ve prayed enough where I’ve heard Him calling me or saying my name. God, Jesus, He’s all in one. He’s One. It doesn’t matter if you call Him God or Jesus, you can call Him anything. He’s all in one.

Why do you believe in God?

Joshua: The reason I believe in God is because I’ve seen a lot of stuff happen to me, good things. Just keep on praying and it will do miracles for you. People say there’s no such thing as God. I think that’s crazy, because since I’ve prayed, it’s been pretty good. My mom had cancer and a lot of my family members had cancer. I just kept on praying and prayed in a group at church, people praying every day, and they’re still alive and I thank God for that.

Do you think there’s evidence for the existence of God?

Joshua: The Bible. That’s not written by regular men. That’s something that Shakespeare wouldn’t even have written. The words that I’ve seen, I never even knew these words existed. Shakespeare wrote some good stuff, but I’ve never seen him write anything like that.

Do you know the history of the Bible?

Joshua: I couldn’t tell you for sure. I know it was written at the very beginning, since time began. Obviously there were hardly any books back then, back when it started, but I know it was written. The Ten Commandments, that’s the first thing, and He transferred ten commandments into the whole Bible. He already had it planned out, He just had to put it in books. It was there.

Do you live your life in accord with the Ten Commandments and the other teachings of the Bible?

Joshua: I think they’re true and I try to. Of course I’ve committed a lot of sins, but I try to follow them. I obey and respect my parents because they know best and I can’t say otherwise.

Given the Commandment “Thou shalt not kill,” do you think abortion is wrong?

Joshua: Yes. I think abortion is wrong. Just because something happened, maybe something really tragic happened in their life and they don’t want to have a baby because they feel like they’re going to fail, or something like that, but I still don’t believe in abortion.

If a biological male identifies as a woman and wants to be referred to as “she” and “her,” is that person really a woman or are people being forced to lie when they use female pronouns?

Joshua: It should always be a guy, no matter if he wants to be called “her.” I’m always going to call him a guy. If you’re born a guy, God made you that way, and if God made you a girl, I’m going to call you a girl. If they get upset, sorry, but you’re a girl. I’m not going to say that’s a guy over there. I think they rub LGBTQ in too much.

Do you believe in life after death?

Joshua: I believe in heaven and hell. You can’t disobey everything God wants to teach you, go completely against that, because there won’t be a good heaven for you, which is where most of us would like to go. But if you don’t obey, you’re not going to heaven.

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