homeIn an apparent move to fill the void left when her former colleague, abortionist Christopher Dotson, retired, Joesepha Inez Seletz, M.D., age 62, has opened her own abortion business and offers late-term abortions.

Pro-Choice Medical Center is Dr. Seletz’s medical office located at 99 North La Cienega Blvd. in Beverly Hills.

Her website is still under construction, but under “About Us” Seletz identifies herself with Eve Surgical Center, the old business site of Christopher Dotson and James  McMahon, who held himself out in 1992 as the originator of partial-birth abortion.

Dotson is selling the site of Eve Surgical Center. See the March 4 story in Cal Catholic showing the current listing in South Central Los Angeles.

Seletz proudly states on her website that she is “Following in the tradition of Dr. Jim McMahon, she is the provider of last resort.”Dotson has a history of discipline by the Medical Board of California for negligence and incompetence. Three years ago, Dotson made news when he was caught acting as a monitor for another disciplined abortionist, Andrew Rutland. Rutland had caused the death of young mother, Ying Chen, when he attempted a second-trimester abortion on her in an acupuncturist shop.

On her website, Seletz  says that she is “ the mother of three grown daughters and is an active member of the Los Angeles Jewish community.”Under the category of “Is abortion safe?” Seletz has nothing entered yet.  Will she mention the death of her patient, Oriane Shevlin?

On February 3, 2010 the Los Angeles Times wrote about Seletz:

“In 2007, Dotson and a second physician, Josepha Seletz, of Eve Surgical Center, agreed to pay $1 million to settle a lawsuit over the death of a mother of two, according to documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

The family alleged that the woman, Oriane Shevin, was improperly given Mifepristone — which is used for early pregnancy termination — and did not receive proper follow-up care, the documents show. As a result, the family said in the court records, she acquired a fatal infection.”

In 2002 in Los Angeles county Superior Court, a medical malpractice case was filed against Seletz by her patient, Nicole Dewitt.

The Complaint alleged that “the defendants, and each of them, failed to comply with the applicable standards of medical practice in the care and treatment of plaintiff, Nicole Dewitt.  The defendants, and each of them, failed to advise plaintiffs of the risks and alternatives to the medical care rendered and failed to advise plaintiffs of the risks and alternatives of the medical care not rendered to plaintiff, Nicole Dewitt. Defendant, Josepha Seletz, M.D., committed a battery upon plaintiff, Nicole Dewitt, by performing unauthorized surgery upon her and by removing her ovary without her consent.  the aforesaid conduct  of the defendants, and each of them, was a substantial factor in causing the  damages and injuries alleged elsewhere herein.”

The Dewitt case was settled in 2004 for an unstated monetary award.