The following Jan. 29 article from the American Thinker was forwarded by a supporter of the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, which has taken on the cause of Jonah.

It almost seems as if certain purported civil-rights activists think homosexuals are like some organized-crime groups: you can join the gang, but the only way you can leave is feet first.

A case in point is a lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of New Jersey against JONAH International — a Jewish organization that helps people overcome unwanted same-sex attractions — and some of its associates by the Southern Poverty Law Center. And what is the basis for the lawsuit? As co-founder of JONAH Arthur Goldberg explained to me:

[T]he lawsuit was filed under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act alleging the commission of a consumer fraud on the unproven theory that same-sex attraction is inborn and unchangeable. Therefore, the programs and counselors to which we refer people have allegedly committed a consumer fraud because those seeking such services allegedly cannot change. Their goal is to put us (and other small organizations like ours) out of business.

Fraud? People with same sex attractions cannot change? JONAH’s satisfied program participants say otherwise. And here are just a few of their testimonials:

  • Daniel Meir Horowitz wrote in a post titled “A Long, Hard Road: How Reparative Therapy Saved My Life,” “I want to shout to all those plagued by SSA who wish they were not: Don’t give up. Please. Despite what you read and hear in our secular culture about the false idea that change is impossible, a ray of light might be just around the corner.”
  • Nathan wrote, “The insight [JONAH provided]also allows me to see this pattern [of same sex attraction] for what it is not: the thinking that I was born this way as many elements of society continually preach or a belief that my same sex attraction is so ingrained that it can never be overcome.”
  • “Jonah Wife,” whose husband’s same sex attraction had impacted negatively upon their marriage for years, wrote, “[The Therapy] really is working and since JIM [a program JONAH recommends] came into our lives we haven’t had one glitch in our personal life. And that’s really something to shout about!!”

But Goldberg offers more than just anecdotes. He also told me, “About two thirds of the clients referred to us report significant reductions in their unwanted behaviors and feelings. These results are consistent with other programs that utilize both spiritual and psychological work to help people seeking to change.”

Given this track record, it’s not surprising that those helped by JONAH are upset that pro-same sex activists are trying to squelch their freedom. As JONAH recently disseminated in an email:

A respondent who was sexually abused as a young boy reports, …I am so tired of politically correct hate groups that do everything they claim to despise in the name of tolerance – when they tolerate nothing but strict conformity to narrow ideological dogma…. I chose to have gay change therapy.”

A client who struggled with same sex attraction for over 10 years says, “The gay movement is becoming one of the most destructive moments [sic] in history.  They who want their rights acknowledged are the first ones to take away mine.  I have the right to pursue whatever journey I value in life….”

Yet this is what the tyrannical Southern Poverty Law Center aims to do with an army of lawyers and its $256 million war chest, resources that, of course, JONAH can’t even begin to match. And while the organization is being represented pro-bono by the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund — which has already devoted almost a million dollars in legal time to the case — Goldberg tells me that JONAH has suffered significantly from the filing of the lawsuit. Cooperating therapists and those who struggle to overcome same sex attraction have been intimidated. And JONAH has incurred significant costs to deficit finance additional staff, and a variety of other outlays directly attendant to the lawsuit. These are expenses it can ill afford.

But they pale in comparison to the costs of losing the suit. Goldberg warns, “It is important to note that we are simply Southern Poverty Law Center’s initial target.” For sure. The law center calls their action against JONAH a “groundbreaking lawsuit,” and breaking ground is a precursor to further development. What they don’t tell you is that they will be building downwards, on broken hearts, broken hopes, broken families and broken liberties.

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