President Joe Biden told reporters on Ash Wednesday that earlier in the day he met with a cardinal for prayer and ashes—and revealed what he has given up for Lent.

Asked by a reporter to comment on the request from Pope Francis that Catholics devote the first day of Lent to prayer for peace in Ukraine, Mr. Biden said: “I was with the cardinal this morning. He came over, and he gave me ashes. We both prayed for that, for the people of Ukraine.”

The meeting was with Cardinal Wilton Gregory, the archbishop of Washington. With a light smudge of ashes on his forehead, the president also revealed on Wednesday what he is giving up for Lent.

“All sweets, and you know me, I start off with dessert. No ice cream, nothing,” he said in response to a question.

In his State of the Union address last night, the president reaffirmed his support for legal abortion, which has led to public calls from some bishops for him to refrain from receiving Communion.

“The constitutional right affirmed by Roe v. Wade—standing precedent for half a century—is under attack as never before,” he said. “If you want to go forward—not backward—we must protect access to health care. Preserve a woman’s right to choose. And continue to advance maternal health care for all Americans.”

A reporter asked Mr. Biden on Wednesday morning, “Why do you support abortion as a Catholic?”

“I tell you what, I don’t want to get into a debate with you about theology,” he said. “I’m not going to make a judgment on other people.”

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