Actor Jim Caviezel has alleged the Walt Disney Company tried to remove a reference to God from the 2002 movie version of The Count of Monte Cristo, adding that the studio even insulted his Christian faith when he resisted the script changes.

Jim Caviezel made the allegation in a recent video to promote his latest movie Sound of Freedom.

“When I did The Count of Monte Cristo, they wanted me to remove the ‘God’ from all of the script. True story,” Caviezel said. “All of a sudden, I’m reading the script — what happened to ‘God’?”

“I had to say no, I can’t do this. Right is right, wrong is wrong,” the actor said. In response, he said, Disney personnel involved in the production mocked his Christian faith by saying, “So, you’re one of those?”

Caviezel said he refused to compromise and as a result, the reference to God stayed in the picture.

A pivotal scene in the film shows Edmond Dantes, played by Caviezel, slowly carving the phrase “God will give me justice” into the wall of his prison cell — showing how long he has wasted away in captivity.

From Breitbart