California Catholic Daily exclusive

By C. Topeth

In December 2016, Debbie Bamberger, a nurse and employee of Planned Parenthood in the Bay Area, wrote a piece called “The Spirituality of Abortion” for the Jewish Relations Community Council and it was publicly posted.

Bamberger is one of the Planned Parenthood nurses who was trained by Planned Parenthood doctors to perform surgical abortions under a California law allowing non-physicians to perform the procedure.

In her article for the Jewish Relations Community Council, Bamberger reminds readers that she wrote a previous story revealing her own abortions when she was in her 20s and states she was trying to dispel the stigma of shame associated with abortion.

Bamberger’s article has now been answered by Cecily Routman of the Jewish ProLife Foundation in a June 9 letter to Bamberger and her rabbi, Menachem Creditor of Congregation Netivot Shalom in Berkeley.

“Debbie (Bambergere), our condolences to you for the loss of your two children through the violence of abortion.,” wrote Routman. “These precious members of the unified soul of Israel were just two of the 300 Jewish children lost to abortion every week in the United States. We feel the loss of each and every one.”

“Helping to assuage the guilt of Jewish abortion providers by reframing evil actions as spiritual transcendence makes a mockery of the Jewish martyrs who chose self sacrifice rather than sacrifice their love of G-d and Judaism,” Routman wrote.

To read the complete text of the the Jewish ProLife Foundation’s letter, click here.