The following is taken from an October 21 sermon by Father Richard Perozich, pastor of St. Mary Catholic Church in Escondido, 30 miles north of San Diego.

Elections are coming up November 6, 2012. Catholics must engage in the political pro­cess to form a nation that reflects the values held by Christ’s followers. Learn who you are, and act like a Christian….

We live in a society where many people with power, possessions, and prestige are promoting ideas that are not founded in Christ.

In order to promote their ideas over ours, they tell us we must stay in our churches, keep our religion to ourselves, and that their idea of separation of the church from the state (which does not exist in our American constitution as they say it does) trumps any ideas we might have, so we have to shut up. And Catholics sheepishly keep quiet and vote for men and women who promote evil.

In chapter 3 of Galatians, St. Paul, frustrated with the Galatians allowing non-believers to silence the truth even to the point of the Galatians returning to pagan or evil ways chastises them saying, “O stupid Galatians. Who has bewitched you?”

It can be said of us in America in the year 2012, “O Stupid Catholics, who has bewitched you?” We easily go over to pagan ideas, putting aside our faith, our truth, in order to ac­commodate the evil of people who will not accommodate us!

To promote their ideas they attack us personally calling us the far right, ultra conservative, bigoted, homophobic, hate mongers, holy rollers, and other epithets. This silences many Catholics. It only emboldens me, and it should embolden you also to promote your faith….

People are most concerned with their economic power to purchase, to live, to save. Their greatest fear is losing this; evident in how they voted in 2006 and 2008.

For Christians our greatest concern should be with life, and we vote for those who promote it. You have heard the mantra, “I’m a fiscal conservative, but a social liberal.” Nonsense. The societal responsibilities come first, and from a sound society built on biblical principles flow the economic concerns.

In a healthy economy there will be rich people. I who earn $20,000 a year do not envy their wealth, their homes, and their power to shape the economy. The people Americans put into office in 2006 and 2008 DO envy, and are using the economy to tear apart the entire social fabric of society to pro­mote abortion here in our country and abroad; to kill new life in embryos; to kill the elderly and sick; to destroy the nature of gender and marriage; to allow sexually immature people to be predators of others to try to satisfy their lack of psychological development.

For us Catholics the basic issues are: Life from con­ception to natural death, that is protection of the unborn, those with life, and those who are sick; protection of new life in its most nascent form, the embryo; protection from cloning to farm body parts; protection from sexual deviance in the form of pederasty, homosexuality, adultery, fornication, prostitution.

An elite class has assumed power in the United States, transcending political parties. They claim to know more than the people the elites represent. They do not. Their inter­est is keeping their positions in which they earn upwards of $200,000 with a health plan that is not part of the new one passed for the rest of us. They plan the destruction of the mili­tary, the silence of the churches and free voices, the destruction of children, embryos. They simply cannot stay in power. I have voted for some of them despite their mixed policies.

But enough! I refuse to cast a vote for anyone who supports abortion, sexual confusion to be forced in the military, marriage, school curricula, or any other societal aspect, clon­ing, embryonic stem cell research, or euthanasia.

I refuse to grant allegiance to any political party whose leadership hates God’s ways, perverts His laws, which does not speak for me, but speaks for Satan in contraception, abor­tion, homosexuality, killing of embryos and the elderly and in­firm.

I reject government interference in my church when government tells me I must support abortion, homosexuality, when it forces my Church to violate God’s law by granting such things, or when it takes away my church’s power to run adoption agencies, services to the poor because it insists on in­serting evil into God’s kingdom. No more!

I am a Catholic. I am a citizen of the Kingdom of God and will promote that kingdom in all parts of my life.

To you politicians who promote non Catholic values, I will not vote for you just so your opponent will not get into office.

If you do not represent me, you do not have my vote. I don’t want your government money. I don’t want your adoles­cent ideas of equality, fairness, justice and rights. I don’t want your health care. I am not a prostitute who sells my vote for temporal benefits.

I am checking your voting records through various or­ganizations which monitor your voting. If you do not promote life from the moment of conception to natural death, chastity and sexual distinctions, traditional marriage, respect for em­bryos in science, then you will not get my vote. You do not be­long in political office. Teachers who sheepishly follow their corrupt unions do not belong in the classrooms. Clergy who follow non-Christian teaching do not belong in the pulpit.

My Hope rests in Jesus Christ and his salvation exactly FROM the very things these politicians are promoting.

Change is repentance from sin, conversion to God, and reparation of the damage by following the commandments without relativizing them.

Hope and Change did not come in 2008. I’m going to do my part to see that they do in 2012.

Jesus Christ, yesterday, today, and forever.

From the Pastor