(Warning: Some links contain graphic descriptions and images.) 

Through their Ignatian Spiritual Life Center, the Jesuit-run parish of St. Agnes Church, located in the Haight-Ashbury District of San Francisco, will host a workshop (on May 20, 2017) entitled: LGBTQ Gifts for the Institution Church. The “facilitator” for the workshop will be Brian Bromberger, a Deacon of the Archdiocese of San Francisco. According to the Center’s description for the event:

Brian Bromberger is an ordained permanent deacon in the archdiocese of San Francisco. He has studied contemplative spirituality academically, but more importantly tries to incorporate it into his prayer and active life, with hopefully these two areas becoming more and more united. Brian is a freelance writer and editor, with interests in social sciences, religion/spirituality, and sexuality. He considers ecumenical and interfaith pursuits, especially Buddhism, as essential to his vocation and evolution as a progressive Christian. He is proud to be a gay Roman Catholic and sees no contradictions in that identity, only opportunities for the Holy Spirit to help him grow into a more loving, compassionate, and holy person.

Ordained in 2005, at the time Bromberger was a parishioner at the predominantly “gay” parish of Most Holy Redeemer in the Castro. Bromberger later moved to St. John the Apostle Church. He now is a frequent contributor to the gay newspaper The Bay Area Guardian where Bromberger offers book and movie reviews as well as articles about homosexuality, religion, and same-sex marriage.

Here are a few excerpts from Bromberger’s articles for The Bay Area Guardian:

The writing is hysterical, whether he is choking on a dusty dildo during Skype sex, rendezvousing with a flight attendant who dresses as a dolphin (part of the furry phenomenon), spilling a glass of red wine on his date then using a Tide-to-Go pen on the crotch of his pants to clean up the mess, or having an eczema attack during a sexual liaison. 7/16/15

I’m a Porn Star…is a documentary by Charlie David following the lives of four Internet gay pornographic stars who might seem like ordinary guys the rest of the time. We are given behind-the-camera insight into this $13 billion business, as well as several scenes of graphic sexuality. So if you have ever wondered what the real life of an adult entertainer might be, the ins and outs, the ups and downs, this might be that rare opportunity to take a look. 9/4/14

This riveting film is an ideal resource for anyone struggling with their sexuality, or for families/allies wanting to know more about the gay experience. This movie is perfect for high school human sexuality courses (a two-part high school version is a bonus feature) as it is accessible and fast-paced for a young audience, with its intimate, even awkward moments, such as Peters’ mother asking whether anal sex hurts. 10/6/16

Through interviews with Holmes’ colleagues, porn stars (Jeff Stryker, Jim Bentley), observers of the period (Chi Chi LaRue, John Waters), this winning documentary reveals the crucial role Holmes played by not only setting standards for porn and teaching gay men how to have sex, but in shaping ideas about masculinity and what it means to be gay. 11/3/16

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