The following is an excerpt from theOctober 8  opening statement of Charles LiMandri, attorney for the Center for Medical Progress in the trial against Planned Parenthood in Sand Francisco.

Janet Smith is the author of Contraception: Why not? plus other works on Humanae Vitae. She has taught theology at Notre Dame, University of Dallas, Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit and served on several Vatican commissions.


LIMANDRI: So he had all of this knowledge, but before he actually did the first undercover video that’s at issue in this case, ladies and gentlemen, he spoke to a preeminent ethicist, or a moral theologian, Janet Smith, who we believe will testify in this case, and asked her not just about the legality, because he had already researched for himself the legality of recording in a public place and to do research in this manner, to determine whether it’s a violent felony against a person.

But beyond that, he wanted to ask her about the morality of lying; using a fake driver’s license and an assumed name. And he had in-depth discussions with her and concluded that since this involved life-and-death issues, that it did justify using these means and techniques, which had been used repeatedly in the past by an undercover investigator, including on this very issue with the 20/20 report and the further Live Action reports that he had — investigations that he had been involved in….


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