The following comes from a Mar. 26 newsletter sent by 40 Days for Life in Sacramento.

Despite the rain, people came to pray for LIFE today at 1442 Ethan Way and

as a result, we were blessed with very good news!   I watched the parking lot as several abortion business workers huddled together, holding their umbrellas, as they took turns hugging one abortion worker in particular.  I thought perhaps it was her birthday?  Perhaps she was going through a difficult circumstance?

A few minutes later, that clinic worker exited the driveway right in front of me and rolled down her window, ignoring the falling rain.  She was very distraught, saying to me,  “I’ve had enough!  I can’t stand this f**king place!  I QUIT!”.  For her own privacy, I cannot say much more, but she did ask that we pray for her. There are major problems going on within the abortion business there at 1442 Ethan Way to prompt such a volatile and immediate reaction on her part!

We pray for all of the abortion industry employees, in hopes that they would discontinue their involvement in destroying lives and hurting women.  Abby Johnson has a ministry called “And Then There Were None” for anyone who wants to leave the abortion industry.  Praise God for the worker who QUIT today!  We invite any abortion business worker to contact us for help.