Dear Pro-life friends,

Because certain people are trying to block the efforts of sidewalk counselors to save mothers and babies from the horrors of abortion, we are keeping the dates, times, and locations of where we are counseling confidential. The notes below may come from one or more locations during the week. Some specifics have been omitted to protect the identity of people we counsel. 

Third week of March, 2019

A mom in her mid-20s arrived in a taxi with her two small children and the mom’s “Grandma” who was in her late 60s. They exited the cab not far away from a sidewalk counselor, who then approached them as they moved in the direction of the abortion center. The counselor offered material, but “Grandma” almost immediately started yelling “no thank you!” The counselor caught the eye of the young lady and she seemed more open, so he offered her the material, telling her the counselors were there just to help people make better decisions, etc. The Grandma quickly got belligerent and in the face of the counselor, walking between the counselor and her granddaughter and her two kids.

She said “I’ve been dealing with you people since the 60s!” and started ranting about how it was none of the counselor’s business, and she was going to call the police, drawing the attention of other people nearby. Someone with the abortion center seemed a little shook up and yelled, “hey what’s going on?”

After she finished her face-to-face rant saying her granddaughter was homeless and didn’t have a job, couldn’t afford any more kids, etc., she went into the abortion center with her granddaughter and two kids. About 5 minutes later, the Grandma came out with the two young kids, talked to someone associated with the abortion center for a few minutes, and then walked past the counselor, taking the kids on a walk down the street. As she passed the counselor, she ranted at him again.

Then about  15 minutes later, the granddaughter came out and walked right up to the counselor and asked for the handouts.  He had a chance to talk with her about the material, why the counselors were there, and encouraged her to contact any pregnancy resource center, and that help was there through pregnancy resource centers all over the county.

The counselor asked why she was there. “Was it for an abortion?”  She said yes. The counselor asked her if she had made a decision to keep her baby, and she said “yes!” The counselor told her she made the right choice, and to “please, please, seek the help of one of the pregnancy resource centers as soon as possible.” At that she walked down the street to meet up with her grandma and kids.

Please pray for this young woman and her situation. She’s going to need a lot of help, especially if she has to depend on her grandma for a while.

God bless,

– the sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego