Founded as part of the Lasallian educational institution, Saint Mary’s College of California embraces Catholic tradition, particularly through its Mission and Ministry Center. For students who want to explore their faith, the Rosary Group and Eucharistic Adoration present ways to help connect not only with their faith but with other students as well.

“The goal of Rosary Group is to draw students closer to Christ,” said Drew Gai ‘19, “and closer in community with one another.” Founded last year by Gai, the Rosary Group meets in the Mission and Ministry Center lounge every Monday at 9:15 p.m., where participants spend time amongst one another and join each other in prayer of the rosary.

“We talk to each other,” said Laura Hazen. “We start with…asking how our week went, and then we just say the rosary…it lasts about 45 minutes; it’s a way to get closer to God.” Hazen leads the Rosary Group and serves as the Lasallian peer minister for prayer. “It’s specifically for Mary to intercede [our prayers] for us,” Hazen says of the prayer, “and it’s another way to make a connection to God and with their faith because some people have a better connection to mothers.”

Another weekly Catholic event on campus is the Eucharistic Adoration, held every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. in Saint Mary’s Chapel. Held for one hour, the Eucharistic Adoration is a service wherein the Eucharist is displayed on the chapel altar. Worship is held through a variety of ways, including Latin hymns, prayers, and the performance of contemporary Christian music.

“When we take in the Eucharist in adoration,” Gai said of the adoration, “we get an opportunity to have an extended time, face-to-face, with our God…it’s different from a regular church service in that you are present in front of God in a very tangible, concrete way.”

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