Dear Pro-life friends, 

Because certain people are trying to block the efforts of sidewalk counselors to save mothers and babies from the horrors of abortion, we are keeping the dates, times, and locations of where we are counseling confidential. The notes below may come from one or more locations during the week. Some specifics have been omitted to protect the identity of people we counsel. 

Report from the second week of July, 2017

As the sidewalk counselor walked towards the abortion center, she noticed a young lady sitting nearby.  She seemed very somber and kind of lost. The counselor asked her if she wanted some “free” information about abortion. She took the flyers and then asked, “Are you anti-abortion?”

The counselor said, “We are for the women and the child. While we don’t condone abortion, we want to provide all the information about abortion and the other options that are available.” The counselor proceeded to tell her about the free ultrasounds and nearby resources. The woman didn’t respond angrily, but instead was very interested in seeing where the nearby pregnancy centers were. She then opened up about her situation. Her husband is physically abusive, she has other children, and she gave the impression he was pressuring her to have the abortion, although she was by herself. She said she shouldn’t be here and didn’t want an abortion, but felt she had no other choice because of a lack of finances. The counselor mentioned a place that would help her and she asked for a flyer. The counselor showed her the website on her phone. The young lady said she had heard stories about people changing their mind, but she was so overwhelmed by her circumstances. The counselor offered to pray for her, and she said yes. The counselor began to pray for God’s peace, courage and strength to make the right decision, and told her how much God loved her and what a giving heart she had towards her children. She began to tear up. The counselor gave her a hug and the woman thanked her.  She said she needed to think about it, and she already had an appointment. The counselor gave the woman her number and told her she would be willing to take her to the place that would help her. She said she had already decided to go in… but maybe she would change her mind.

She said thank you as she walked into the abortion center. The counselor’s heart sank because she seemed so close to turning away. But the counselor stayed outside, praying she would come back out.

About an hour and 20 minutes later, she came back out, and the counselor asked her “Is there anything I can help you with?”

Her face was slightly red and she had been crying. She was on the phone, but she asked, “Do you have the brochure for that place?” The counselor was all out of the brochures, but said if she gave the counselor her number, she could text her the phone number to call. She declined and said she would call the counselor later and left.

A few minutes later, as the counselor was leaving, she saw her just around the corner sitting on the sidewalk, head down. The counselor knelt before her and asked if she could help, and if she needed a ride. She began to cry. After embracing her for a bit, she explained she was past her second trimester and said, “I’m too far along, I couldn’t do it! It is a baby! It would be like…killing my child!” She explained her fears with going through the pregnancy due to her situation and her bad habits in the past that might have negatively affected her baby’s health when he or she grows up. The counselor told her that doctors can be wrong in their diagnosis, and that years from now this baby would thank her for making this decision. She took it well. The counselor called the place they had talked about earlier, and let the woman talk. She had begun to calm down, and after some time, handed the counselor back her phone, said “Thank you”, and gave her a hug. The woman’s friend arrived with her children, and she said they were on their way to see the woman she had just spoken to for help.

Please pray the she is willing to accept the help that is offered her, and that she stays firm with her decision for life.

God bless,

– the sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego