The following is an alert issued by the California Right to Life Committee:

SB464 – an Internet App to Order Abortifacients

It has come to my attention that SB 464 authored by Senator Ed Hernandez and sponsored by a large assortment of Planned Parenthood agencies would authorize Planned Parenthood to develop an internet application allowing people to self identify and apply to pharmacists online for abortifacient drugs and or devices which would then be mailed to their homes or addresses provided.

The bill will be heard in the Assembly Business and Professions Committee on June 30, 2015.

Please, we urgently beg you to contact the following members of the Assembly Business and Professions Committee to urge that they vote “NO” on this awful bill. And, pass this alert along to your associates.

Members of the Business and Professions Committee:

Susan Bonilla, (D) Chair – 916-319-2014/fax 916-319-2114 – very supportive of PP
Brian W. Jones, (R) V. Chair – 916-319-2071/fax 916-319-2171
Catharine Baker, (R) 916-319-2016/fax 916-319-2116
Richard Bloom, (D) 916-319-2050/fax 916-319-2150 – very supportive of PP
Nora Campos, (D) 916-319-2127/fax916-319-2127 — very supportive of PP
Ling-Ling Chang, R 916-319-2-55/fax916-319-2155
Bill Dodd, (D) 916-319-2004/fax 915-3192104
Susan Eggman, (D), 916-319-2013/fax 916-319-2113
Mike Gatto, (D) 916-319-2043/fax916-319-2143 — may be flexible
Chris Holden, (D) 916-319-2041/fax 916-310-2141 — PP affiliation unknown
Kevin Mullin, (D) 916-319-2022/fax 916-319-2122
Phil Ting, (D) 916-319-2019/fax 916-310-2119
Scott Wilk, (D) 916-319-2038/fax 916-319-2138 — pro-life
Jim Wood, (R) 916-319-2002/fax 916-319-2102

Here is the letter that CRLC submitted to the Assembly Business and Professions Committee:

“SB 464 would permit anyone using an internet application to request the filling of a prescription for abortifacients. This would allow not only adults but underage youth, adapting the alter-ego of an adult and or, human traffickers, to request that abortifacients be mailed to a specified address under the cover of anonymity.

This is not efficiency, timeliness or accountability on the part of medical professionals including pharmacists. This is a subterfuge to allow the abortion industry to expand its abortion provider services to naïve and trusting clientele who would be exposed to unacceptable risk to their own health.

This is a total and irresponsible capitulation to the Planned Parenthood agenda at an unbearable cost to young lives and all manner of civility.

Even the wording of the bill is designed to be deceptive. Planned Parenthood will not be restrained from promoting this internet app to young people. It circumvents the authority of parents allowing Planned Parenthood to reach right into the heart of the family home and privacy. It puts the lie to all of Planned Parenthood’s insistence that it is a professional, educational agency interested in the health and safety of its clients.

This pandering to Planned Parenthood places the legislature in a potential position of total disgrace, demeaning the very meaning of a legislature who’s purpose is the protection of the citizens, support for the state and federal Constitution, and the trust of the citizens who elected them.

There are some things that can not be turned over to an impersonal computer age and SB 464 is one of them.”