The following comes from an August 14 email from California Pro-Life Council:

Let your state legislator know where you stand, and why, on the following issues:

AB 775 (Chiu) Pregnancy Counseling Discrimination Rule –  Would require all pregnancy centers to promote reproductive rights i.e. abortion, to their clients. There is no conscience clause. Please immediately contact your State Senator.  The bill can go to the Senate Floor upon their return!

SB 128   Assisted Suicide 

State Senator Monning, Co-Author of California’s Assisted Suicide legislation

California’s SB 128, (Monning/Wolk), the ‘Death with Dignity’ advocates suffered some setbacks both in the Capitol and in the courts recently, but they have promised to will still bring the bill forward. It  appeals strongly to the emotions of those who have lost loved ones. But in every jurisdiction where this is allowed, abuses and killings by those who are heirs; killing of the non-terminal; doctor shopping to find authorization for killing a clearly unaware and dependent patient; all these practices and more have proven it is impossible to keep this ‘voluntary’.  It appears such laws often benefit the third party survivor.

It is the “assistant” in assisted suicide who will no longer be under legal constraint or investigation.
contact your Assembly member, urge him or her to oppose SB 128.

Governor’s Special Session

Obamacare has only just begun to implement its adverse impact. California is one of the few states whose governor and legislators have willingly obeyed the new dictates of the law.

The Governor, in an implicit admission of the failure of federalized, national-socialist healthcare has called a ‘Special Session on Healthcare’ to try to find funds to pay for the debacle. The date is yet to be set.

Several health-related bills may be heard, including “assisted suicide”.

Special praise for Assemblyman Jim Patterson who has demanded that PP’s sale of human organs be examined then.

Please contact your state lawmaker now on all these issues.

Saturday, August 22nd – Throughout the nation and throughout the state, there will be a massive public demonstration against the world’s largest owner of abortion clinics, Planned Parenthood. There are locations throughout California. Find your city here.