Family Planning Associates, Miramar Rd. Saturday, January 26

One of the sidewalk counselors encountered a woman and her boyfriend, both in their early twenties as they were getting out of his car. When the counselor told them about the abortionist’s record they were both horrified. ” But I already have the me so I’m s——.”  Insertion of the laminaria is the first part of a two-day procedure for second trimester abortions that can successfully be removed, if the woman chooses not to go through with the abortion.

The counselor reassured her that it was not too late, although if she saw the abortionist, they would claim it was, and that it could not be reversed. The counselor gave her information for Culture of Life Family Services and emphasized that she could call right away to get help, and have the laminaria removed. The security guard walked up and said, ” Don’t listen to him, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The doctor here is licensed and will help you.” The counselor said, “This man has been hired by the doctor because they are losing business since we started informing people of the truth.” She thanked the counselor and laughed nervously as they moved toward the elevator.

As soon as they got to the second floor we could here the couple arguing on the balcony.  After a few minutes of arguing they came down. Another counselor spoke to her saying that she would be willing to drive her to Culture of Life. The couple left in his car. About 30 minutes later the young woman D., came back in a cab. As the counselor got to the cab she was paying the driver and was talking on the phone. Her boyfriend was not around. As she was exiting the cab, while still on the phone, the counselor handed her another Culture of Life Family Services brochure.  She said, ” I’m trying to get my money back and I want these ——- things out of me!”

The second counselor came up and offered to take her to the Culture of Life office. The young woman emphasized that she wanted her money back and was still talking on the phone. She went up on the balcony and we could hear crying hysterically as she talked to her boyfriend on the phone. The second counselor yelled up at her that we are here to help her. The woman, still on the phone, smiled at the counselor, raised a finger as though to indicate that she would be right back, and went into the mill.  We waited for some time, but the woman did not come out.

A counselor spoke with a woman that lied, saying that she was getting information about the services available. The counselor gave her information about the abortionist and the risks and side effects of having an abortion, and warned her about the abortionist’s record. As she went up, the counselor spoke with her husband who was sitting in their car with their toddler. He admitted they were there to get an abortion because of financial reasons. The counselor gave him information as well.

Another young woman stepped out of a car with her husband and toddler son. In her hand the counselor could see she was holding a Rosary. The counselor went up to her and gave her information about the abortionist and where she could go for help. She reluctantly thanked the counselor, who then asked if she had been praying the Rosary. She said “Yes” and that she always prayed it.  The counselor asked if she was Catholic and she affirmed that she was.

The counselor asked her if she realized that what she was about to do is a mortal sin in our religion. This angered her and she said, “You know, I hope that you don’t do this to all the women coming here. You don’t know their situation you don’t know what they are going through. Our Pope Benedict has said that we should pray for women in this situation.”  The counselor told her that we are not here to condemn anyone and that we are all sinners. We are here to give her information. She turned around and walked up the stairs.