Stephen Bainbridge, a distinguished professor at the UCLA School of Law, posted to his website this week the text of his recently submitted diversity testimony. Bainbridge is “up for a merit raise at UCLAW this year,” and is thus required to submit such a statement to his superiors.

Bainbridge, however—who last year admitted that he “probably couldn’t get a job as an academic these days”—notes in his statement that he has “long been particularly concerned with the lack of intellectual diversity at the law school:

“The groups that “account for most of the underrepresentation among racial, gender, religious, and ideological groups in law teaching” are Republicans (both male and female), Protestants, and Catholics.”

Bainbridge highlights the staggering left-biased ratio of campus faculty at various elite schools, including UCLA, where the liberal-conservative faculty ratio is 141-9. Reviewing the declared political donation history of UCLA law professors, Bainbridge discovered that nearly 93 percent of all dollars contributed went to Democrats.

Bainbridge concludes dryly: “I’ll let you know if I get the raise.”

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