Our society is in shambles. We’re faced with the hard truth that things need to change, but the looming question of “how” can seem overwhelming. We know the answer always begins with a commitment to Christ and following His will. But how do we create a culture that is willing to do this in a true and radical way? The answer: It begins with our fathers.

Editor Tyler Rowley brings us the compelling stories of twenty-three Catholics whose lives have been shaped by the unwavering faith of their fathers with the book Because of Our fathers: Twenty-three Catholics Tell How Their Fathers Led Them to Christ, which gifts readers with inspiring stories from Catholics from all walks of life. Included are essays from clergy such as Father Paul Scalia, and Bishop J. Strickland; media personalities, like Jesse Romero, and Patrick Madrid; and popular figures, such as Matt Birk, Abby Johnson and more,

Rowley, president of Servants of Christ for Life, begins and ends the book with a poignant introduction and conclusion that showcase the need for a revival of Catholic fatherhood in our nation.

The above comes from an Aug. 18 Christian NewsWire release sent by Ignatius Press.