On January 26, Father Jonathan Meyer, pastor of All Saints parish in Guilford, Indiana gave a sermon that has garnered a stir on YouTube.

After much attention to the conversion of President Trump from pro-choice, Father Meyer proceeded:

“We are never to give up. Conversion is possible for everyone. Abby Johnson was a director of Planned Parenthood and was responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of unborn children, and yet she converted…. Norma McCorvey, who was Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade, was pro-choice, converted, and died a Roman Catholic preaching the Gospel message of life. Dr. Bernard Nathanson was known in America as the abortion king and was the founder of NARAL; three years after Roe v. Wade he saw for the first time in his life an ultrasound, and on that day when he saw for the first time a child in her mother’s womb, he walked away from abortion and became one of the most staunch pro-life advocates and died a Roman Catholic….

“St. Paul spent his life killing Christians, but then he converted. He came to the light. Do you think that when the first Christians heard that Paul had converted that they believed he had converted?

“We are to never give up on anyone. Donald Trump is proof of that.

“When is  the last time you prayed for or fasted for Nancy Pelosi? Or Joe Biden, or Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders? They should be prayed for every single day….

“When’s the last time you prayed and  fasted for Ellen DeGeneres? Or Lady GaGa? Or Pink? Or Chris Evans, Or John Legend?

“I still fast and pray for Madonna. Imagine if she converted. Do you know Madonna was raised a Roman Catholic, that she named her kids Lourdes and Fatima? If she converted, the light she would bring to a world of darkness…

“My good friend Father John Hollowell offers Masses for the conversion of Britney Spears.How awesome is that? We had a Mass here at our parish at the request of one of our parishioners for the conversion of Kim Jong Un. Why doesn’t that happen more often?”