As we enter the last two weeks of the international 40 Days for Life, 287 babies have already been saved from abortion. Find your nearest 40 Days for Life location and sign up, help women and save lives.

A young woman rolled down her window at 2322 Butano Drive, the location of our Sacramento 40 Days for Life. She reached out to take the packet of information, which includes details about Alternatives Pregnancy Center and the Sacramento Life Center.

I showed her the Fetal Models, which convey the exact size and development of a baby at 7-10 weeks of pregnancy. She teared up…  “Oh how I wish someone had been here when I had my abortion. I wouldn’t have done it.”

I held her hand to comfort her. We prayed together through her tears, gently conveying God’s message of mercy, grace, love, and forgiveness to a contrite young heart. I gave her information about post-abortion healing programs and a Precious Feet Pin so that she would have something by which to remember her baby.

She is now equipped to share her “I-would-never-do-that-again” message with her friends and family members who may come to her for advice about an unexpected pregnancy. Saving lives, helping the needy and consoling the hurting are why we are there. Just this week, studies show the US abortion rate has dropped 25% from 2008-2014!

From Californians for Life Newsletter.