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The trailer of the new TV series Jane the Virgin contains a heartfelt plea for a confused, expectant mother to keep her unborn child.

The CW network program’s titular star, 23-year-old Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez), has decided to save her virginity for her wedding night, because her own mother (Xiomara, played by Andrea Navedo), got pregnant at age 16. Her decision is reinforced by her grandmother, Alba (Ivonne Coll), a devout believer in Jesus Christ and Spanish soap operas.

Despite Jane’s virtuous efforts, she finds herself pregnant when a harried doctor mistakenly performs an artificial insemination.

The child belongs to billionaire Rafael (Justin Baldoni), who owns the hotel where she works while she’s putting herself through college, and a former crush of Jane’s. Her fiance, Michael (Brett Dier), who has expressed his respect for Jane’s decision to preserve her chastity, wants no part of another man’s baby. Rafael’s two-faced wife, Petra (Yael Grobglas), further complicates the plot.

Conflicted about whether she should abort an unwanted child who threatens to upend her carefully planned future, Jane turns to her grandmother.

“I told your mother to get an abortion,” Alba says mournfully, “but I carry that shame in my heart, because you have become the best part of my life. And this will be the best part of your life, too.”

The series gives no indication whether Jane decides to keep the child, but such pro-life sentiments are unusual in a network program that targets young women.

The CW’s parent corporation, CBS, says the nation’s fifth largest broadcast network specializes in “targeting young adult viewers, specifically young women 18-34” – also the largest demographic of women who have abortions.

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