Family Planning Associates – Miramar Road 

Please pray for A., who said this pregnancy was high risk due to her previous pregnancy. This is her third. She told the counselor at FPA that she was heading to Culture of Life Family Services, after phoning them and speaking at length to their phone counselor and telling them the same.  However, the counselor at COLFS said she did not show up.  Please pray for A., that she gives life to her unborn baby.

Planned Parenthood, First and Grape, Downtown

Today was the First Saturday Rosary procession from Our Lady of the Rosary.  Two women walking in were given brochures but did not want to talk.  After going inside for about 10 minutes, they came back outside, and the woman who was planning to have the abortion sat on the bench outside reading the brochure for about 10 minutes.  Then they left for a walk, going several blocks away, and returned about 15 minutes later to get their car.  They still did not want to talk, but they left, an apparent turn-around.  Unfortunately they returned about an hour later and went inside.  We had to leave before finding out whether or not she stayed for the abortion. Please pray for this woman, who appeared very conflicted about her situation.

Two other women going inside were given brochures by a counselor, but they also did not want to talk. About 15 minutes later they both walked back outside, and the woman who was there for the abortion paused before the counselors.  Holding her arms up and smiling, she declared with a great sense of relief in her voice, “I didn’t do it!”. As they drove out, another counselor offered her a Rosary, and she happily took it.  The woman was all smiles, beaming with joy on her face as they drove away. Please pray that she continues to choose life for her baby.