The rainbow Pride flag will no longer be allowed to fly on Huntington Beach city property under a new ordinance passed this week by the city council.

In 2021, the council voted 6-0 to fly the rainbow flag for six weeks each spring. On Tuesday, the council voted 4-3 Tuesday to rescind that decision and restrict flags flying on city property to those representing the government, branches of the military, and POW/MIA troops.

Newly elected councilmember Pat Burns brought the measure to reverse the practice, saying only certain flags should be flown.

“I believe actually that we are all equal and we don’t need titles or anything, and that our flags that we have that represent our governments are what is important to unify us and get over this divisive titling,” he said at Tuesday’s council meeting.

The city council looks much different today than it did in 2021. This past November, four new councilmembers, including Burns, were elected, creating a new conservative majority on the council.

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