The Medical Board ordered the discipline to begin on March 15, 2013, despite the fact that the Administrative Court had issued discipline on May 17, 2012.  No explanation was given by the Medical Board for the almost one-year delay in effecting the orders.

In December 2010, The state attorney general on behalf of the Medical Board filed an accusation against Pfupajena, accusing him of “Negligence, Repeated Negligence, Incompetence, Failure to maintain adequate records, and Unprofessional Conduct.”

According to Medical Board records, Pfupajena had hired a marketing agency to promote him as respiratory care physician. The cases brought against him were from a board and care facility for the elderly and incapacitated, Eldorado Town House in Los Angeles.

The Medical Board gave Pfupajena a very minor wrist slap of “Public Reprimand” and ordered him to take a clinical training program in medicine, an ethics course, a medical record keeping course, and an ethics and professionalism” class.

In August, 2008, Pfupajena was arrested at the Clinica Medica in Santa Ana for having assaulted a pro-lifer outside the clinic. According to an Operation Rescue report on August 5, 2008, the prolifer was “shoved, then battered, punched and choked by the abortionist.”

Clinica Medica was part of a chain of clinics owned by Bertha Bugarin who was arrested and charged in February 2008 for practicing medicine without a license. Bugarin was sentenced to a California women’s prison for six years and eight months.