Screen shot 2015-05-19 at 2.03.30 PMThanks to our readers who helped with our recently launched GoFundMe campaign — more than $1000 has been raised so far, including some who have made monthly commitments (Click here to donate).

For the rest of you —

Cal Catholic’s influence extends wide and far given our slender means.

But in the world of the Internet, we have greater potential.

That potential can be tapped by our readers by posting their comments on Facebook.

If you comment on a Cal Catholic story using Facebook– or even just ‘like’ a Cal Catholic story from your Facebook page — the chances of the story being read by non-readers of the site grows exponentially.

The story link goes on your page, which your Facebook followers can read, and they can — by pressing a few buttons themselves — put the story on their pages, and their friends can read a Cal Catholic story, and put it on their pages, and so on.

The other great advantage you will enjoy by commenting via Facebook is — no word limit.

Our word limit up until now has been 250 words. We are changing this to 150 words.

Plus we are determined to take a stricter stance on non-charitable comments.

At least by commenting via Facebook, you will not be subject to the new word limit.

Facebook pages for most people are a means of keeping up with family and friends.

But it can also be a non-aggressive way for you to post stories you like on your page.

And your friends and family can at least see what you are following — and take a look at where your faith is leading you.