Federal Election Commission data revealed that Soros’s Democracy PAC gave $1 million to the radical pro-abortion group NARAL Freedom Fund. “A new ad from the abortion rights group NARAL Freedom Fund features young women accusing the President and his allies of putting ‘ideology over science,'” National Public Radio (NPR) reported April 15. NPR also noted the ad accused Trump and his allies of “using the coronavirus pandemic as a pretext to ‘roll back the clock’ on reproductive rights.”

The Fund’s April Quarterly report to the FEC, filed April 14, revealed that Democracy PAC’s $1 million was The Fund’s only reported source of income so far. Open Secrets records confirm that The Fund has only received $1 million.

NARAL said it is using its political arm to spend nearly “$35 million overall for the 2020 election cycle to target voters in Arizona, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Georgia, Iowa, and North Carolina,” according to NPR….

The above comes from an April 21 story on LifeSiteNews.