The following comes from a July 25 Christian Newswire press release:

Catholic Answers Press today announced the release of their exciting new book, Navigating the Tiber, by best-selling author Devin Rose.

Rose takes readers through the treacherous waters of conversion, creatively illustrating what it takes to successfully steer friends and loved ones toward the Catholic Church.

Employing the analogy of crossing the Tiber river on which Rome was founded, Rose helps navigate the obstacles that many non-Catholic Christians may encounter. Readers will learn how to dispel popular misconceptions about the Inquisition, contraception, “faith alone,” and much more. From setting sail with a non-Catholic who is interested in the Faith, to surviving the rapids that capsize many would-be converts, Navigating the Tiber acts as a compass to the fullness of Truth.

“This is a different kind of apologetics book,” Catholic Answers director of publications Todd Aglialoro said. “Instead of just providing readers with arguments, it shows them how to journey with non-Catholic friends as they consider the Church’s claims.”

Rose draws upon his own experience as a convert to Catholicism, allowing readers an inside look at the often arduous process of conversion. Navigating the Tiber does not simply address scriptural defenses to typical Protestant arguments. Going beyond the scope of traditional apologetics, Rose displays his unconventional method for evangelization by showing readers that the best way to evangelize is not to study scripture for the sake of debate, but to live it for the sake of a soul.