The California ProLife Council (“CPLC”) is urging all pro-life voters to contact their state senators to ask them to  oppose AB 2223, i.e.  “The Infanticide Bill.” Despite the adoption of several amendments, this bill still endangers the lives of vulnerable newborn babies. AB 2223 will prevent civil or criminal penalties against anyone, including the pregnant woman or anyone who helps her obtain an abortion (so-called “reproductive freedom”), for so-called “perinatal death due to causes that occurred in utero.” This means that an infant born with a life-threatening condition can be denied medical care and left to die without any legal consequences for those responsible for that lethal neglect.

Assembly Democrats passed AB 2223 on May 26, without a single Republican or Independent vote. It is now being fast-tracked through the Senate. Hearing dates are typically announced more than one week before the hearing in order to give time for the public to submit their concerns. However in this case, on June 10, AB 2223 was set for hearing on Tuesday, June 14, giving pro-lifers only 4 days to file their opposition. Sheila Green, Esq., Central Vice President of CPLC stated, “The Democrat Senate leadership does not want to hear what the people have to say about this deadly bill. It is imperative that pro-life Californians state their opposition to infanticide clearly and unequivocally and not allow  procedural tactics of the Democrat leadership to silence their voices.”

Please go to to contact your State Senator and urge him or her to vote NO on AB 2223.

Statement from California’s bishops

The California Catholic Conference “vehemently opposes” amending the state’s constitution “to enshrine the most extreme forms of abortion.”

“We believe in protecting life at every age in every stage,” the conference said in a June 9 statement, adding that the language in Senate Constitutional Amendment 10 introduced a day earlier, “is so broad and unrestrictive that it would encourage and protect even late-term abortions, which most Californians oppose.”

As written, the amendment — which will be on the November ballot — “will legalize and protect abortion up to the point just prior to delivery,” according to the conference.

The California Catholic Conference said it will be “actively engaged in opposing the upcoming ballot initiative and asking the state’s 12 million Catholics to work to raise awareness and vigorous opposition in our dioceses, parishes and communities.”

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