The University of California-San Francisco, which focuses on health sciences, offers an “Early Abortion Training Workbook” with the innocuously named chapter “Pregnancy Option Counseling Techniques.”

It’s part of the taxpayer-funded university’s Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health, which brags that it has pioneered “new forms of abortion,” expanded the “abortion care workforce” and increased the number of “highly trained” abortionists.

Though the pregnancy-options chapter claims that the abortionist’s role is to “listen and provide [patients] with the appropriate level of support to come to a decision about this pregnancy,” in practice the guide gives medical students several ways to cajole women into aborting.

The practitioner is instructed to not humanize preborn children, referring to “this pregnancy” and the “situation” and “decision,” and it lays out a framework for convincing women to abort:

For “ambivalent patients,” the guide recommends asking women to consider how having a child will complicate their lives: “What is your picture of the next year or five years of your life? How does this pregnancy change or affect your goals?”

And for patients with “spiritual or moral conflict” about abortion, the guide heartens abortionists that “people of all faiths and religions have abortions,” and that even without a religious or spiritual background, they can help patients determine “what is getting in the way of their feeling like a good person.”

It recommends using resources from an abortion-rights religious group, Faith Aloud, that split from the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice in 2008 because it wanted to focus on helping women overcome the “religious stigma” around their sexuality and abortion. “[T]hat stigma is closely related to the control of women by economics and race,” Faith Aloud says.

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